St.George Indian Orthodox Church, Sheffield, UK,is  under  the  UK_Europe and African Diocese of Malanakara Orthodox Syrian Church.  It is an ancient church of India and it traces its origin to as far back as A.D.52 when St.Thomas one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ came to India and established Christianity in the South Western parts of the sub-continent.

St.Thomas Christians or the Indian Syrian Christians exist at present in different churches and denominations. But a major section of the parent body of St. Thomas Christians which has maintained its independent nature constitutes The Orthodox Church under the Catholicate of the East on the Apostolic Throne of St. Thomas and the Malanakara Metropolitan with Headquarters at Devalokam, Kerala in India. The Church though modern in its vision and outlook, keeps the traditional Oriental Orthodox faith and liturgy. At present the Church is using the West Syrian liturgy. The faith of the Church is that, which was established by the three Ecumenical Councils of Nicea (A.D325), Constantinople (A.D.381)  and Ephesus(A.D.431).

The mission of  our  Parish is to extend those principles and beliefs into spiritual and social activities involving its members living in and around Sheffield and whole Yorkshire areas.

His Holiness Moran Mar Baselius Marthoma Paulose IIHis Holiness Moran Mar Baselius
Marthoma Paulose II
The Catholicose of the East
and Malankara Metropolitan

His Grace Dr Mathews Mar ThimothiosHis Grace Dr Mathews
Mar Thimothios
Diocese of UK-Europe and Africa

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